Scott Jennison

Former biker turned priest

Name                Scott Jennison
Age                 33
Virtue/Vice         Faith/Greed
Concept             Former bad-boy turned priest
Archetype           Gatekeeper 
Threshold           Prey (Primeval/Grave-Dirt)

(Physical, Social, Mental)
60, 45, 45 (10xp banked in physical and social)
Mental                Physical        Social
------                --------        ------
Intelligence    ••    Strength   •••   Presence     ••
Wits            ••    Dexterity  ••    Manipulation ••
Resolve         •••   Stamina    •••   Composure    •••

(Physical, Social, Mental)
(78, 48, 27) (3xp banked in Mental)

Mental            Physical        Social
------            --------        ------
Academics    ••   Athletics  •••  Animal Ken     
Crafts       •    Brawl      •••• Empathy        ••
Investigation     Larceny    ••   Expression     
Medicine          Firearms        Intimidation   •••
Occult       •    Drive      ••   Persuasion     •
Politics     •    Stealth         Socialize     
Science           Survival   •    Streetwise     •••
Computer     ••   Weaponry   ••   Subterfuge     


Weaponry (Chains)
Drive (Motorcycles)
Academics (Religion)
Brawl (Dirty Fighting)


Brawling Dodge (•) (2xp)
Danger Sense (••) (6xp)
Language (Spanish) (•) (2xp)
Language (Latin) (•) (2xp)
Iron Stomach (••) (6xp)
Status (Clerical Standing) (••) (6xp)
Resources (•••) (12xp)
Contacts (Criminals, Clergy; ••) (6xp)
Iron Stamina (•) (2xp)


Health          8
Psyche          2
Plasm           6/18
Initiative      5         
Size            5
Speed          10
Willpower       6
Defense         2    
Morality        7


Oracle 2

Shroud 3

Boneyard 2 
Phantasmal Boneyard (Wits+Animal Ken)

Industrial Boneyard (Wits+Crafts)

Experience Expenditures:



Intellect 1 -> Intellect 2:            10xp
Wits 1 -> Wits 2:                 10xp
Resolve 1-> Resolve 2:                    10xp
Resolve 2 -> Resolve 3:                    15xp
Total:                         45xp


Strength 1 -> Strength 2:             10xp
Strength 2 -> Strength 3:            15xp
Dexterity 1 -> Dexterity 2:             10xp
Stamina 1 -> Stamina 2:                    10xp
Stamina 2 -> Stamina 3:             15xp
Total:                        60xp (10xp unspent)


Presence 1 -> Presence 2:                10xp
Manipulation 1 -> Manipulation 2:             10xp
Composure 1 -> Composure 2:                10xp
Composure 2 -> Composure 3:                 15xp
Total:                         45xp (10xp unspent)



Academics 0 -> Academics 1:                 3xp
Academics 1 -> Academics 2:                6xp
Crafts 0 -> Crafts 1:                3xp
Occult 0 -> Occult 1:                    3xp
Politics 0 -> Politics 1:            3xp
Computer 0 -> Computer 1:                3xp
Computer 1 -> Computer 2:                6xp
Total:                        27xp (3xp unspent)


Athletics 0 -> Athletics 1:            3xp
Athletics 1 -> Athletics 2:            6xp
Athletics 2 -> Athletics 3:             9xp
Brawl 0 -> Brawl 1:                3xp
Brawl 1 -> Brawl 2:                6xp
Brawl 2 -> Brawl 3:                9xp
Brawl 3 -> Brawl 4:                12xp
Larceny 0 -> Larceny 1:                    3xp
Larceny 1 -> Larceny 2:                    6xp
Drive 0 -> Drive 1:                3xp
Drive 1 -> Drive 2:                 6xp
Survival 0 -> Survival 1:            3xp
Weaponry 0 -> Weaponry 1:                3xp
Weaponry 1 -> Weaponry 2:                6xp
Total:                         78xp


Empathy 0 -> Empathy 1:                    3xp
Empathy 1 -> Empathy 2:                    6xp
Intimidation 0 -> Intimidation 1:        3xp
Intimidation 1 -> Intimidation 2:         6xp
Intimidation 2 -> Intimidation 3:        9xp
Persuasion 0 -> Persuasion 1:                3xp
Streetwise 0 -> Streetwise 1:                3xp
Streetwise 1 -> Streetwise 2:                6xp
Streetwise 2 -> Streetwise 3:                9xp
Total:                        48xp


Brawling Dodge: (•)                2xp
Danger Sense: (••)                6xp
Language (Spanish) (•)                    2xp
Iron Stomach (•)                2xp
Status (Clerical Standing) (••)                6xp
Resources (•••)                        12xp
Contacts (••)                    6xp
Iron Stamina (•)                2xp
Total:                        32xp

Language (Latin)                                2xp
Brawl (Fighting Dirty)                          3xp

Max XP total: 51xp
Current XP: 7xp

Haunt Accessibility (•••)            12xp

Shroud 0 -> Shroud 1                            6xp
Shroud 1 -> Shroud 2                            12xp
Shroud 2 -> Shroud 3                            18xp

Scott Jennison was born September 1st, 1976, as Alan Johnson, to Alice Johnson, a single mother living in one of the many seedier neighborhoods of San Antonio’s south side. He was (luckily for him) an only child, and received much of his mother’s affection, when she could spare it between one of her many suitors for the position of step-dad, or the fact that she worked two jobs; one at a local used car dealership washing the cars, the other as an attendant at a small twenty-four hour diner.

He basically lived on his own by the time he was in middle school, just barely managing to not flunk out of it while making money any way he could; selling possessions he ‘found’ (like his mom’s stash of weed), bullying protection money out of other kids (and in one case, one of the more vulnerable teachers), that sort of thing. By the time he was in high-school he’d developed a reputation for being a punk even among punk kids, and it stuck for the rest of his time there.

Surprisingly enough for someone like him, he actually did graduate high school (barely). At this point, he had fallen in with a minor biker gang out of Floresville, a chapter of the Outlaws. By the time he hit patched membership, things had started going south with his mother; she’d been put into intensive care by the newest in a long line of abusive boyfriends, and would probably die of internal bleeding. Thankfully, the local chapter head looked favorably on family (and severing ties with them if possible), and let him go to see her.

When he arrived, he was practically a sobbing wreck, stumbling through the hospital, eventually making it to her room in time to see her breathe her last; she looked up at the doorway, smiled, and said: “God said hello, Alan.” before flatlining.

For the next 2 days, he spent his time drinking cheap alcohol in a gutter, sobbing. By the time he had returned to Floresville, he’d picked up a taste for the cheap stuff. He kept his addiction secret for as long as he could, never being much more than hung over during anything important (usually). Since that day, he always saw strange things at the edges of his vision; broken, battered, beaten people, phantom shattered bone fragments dancing in his eyes around the guys who’d end up getting beaten for not paying up.

This would go on for nearly 10 years, stealing and extorting from the locals, feuding with other bikers, internal conflicts, everything. And throughout it all, Alan lived in a haze, getting by day to day and fueling his habit with a significant amount of his earnings, living in a shitty apartment in a shitty neighborhood. He might as well have been a probationary member after some of the shit he pulled during a racketeering job (punched a couple guys, started problems and lost them customers to competition).

Finally, he came to a realization: he doesn’t want to die like this, alone in a biker gang that doesn’t need him and thinks him a piece of shit burden. He resolved to get clean, try to fix things. He’d always had a small bit of faith, barely a match in the darkness of his life, but it was there. He got out fairly clean from the gang, taking the profits of a smash-n-grab job with him to fund his rehab up in Austin, acting under an assumed name; Scott Jennison.

It took him a year, but he got clean. Next step? Seminary school. He started out at a shitty community college in Dallas, eventually moving to the Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary to finish out his time. He’d never been too keen on the books as a kid, but a newfound conviction overtook him, driving him to do this. He graduated (again, barely; despite his attempts he was never the best at this shit), becoming an ordained priest of the Baptist congregation in San Clemente. He’s been there a few months, made decent contacts with some of the less righteous who need his counsel, and with his flock. He still lives under his assumed name.

Scott Jennison

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