James O'Connor

Down-and-out wanderer.


Name James O’Connor Virtue/Vice Hope/Wrath Concept Down-on-his-luck Divorced Father Archetype - Threshold -


Mental Physical Social -— --- Intelligence •• Strength ••• Presence •• Wits •• Dexterity ••• Manipulation •• Resolve ••• Stamina •• Composure •••


Mental Physical Social -— --- Academics Athletics •• Animal Ken Crafts ••• Brawl ••• Empathy • Investigation • Larceny • Expression • Medicine • Firearms •• Intimidation ••• Occult • Drive ••• Persuasion •• Politics • Stealth • Socialize • Science Survival •• Streetwise •• Computer Weaponry •• Subterfuge •


Craft: Automobile Mechanic Brawl: Bar Fights Drive: Construction Equipment (ie: forklifts, etc.)


Danger Sense •• Brawl Dodge • Fast Reflexes •• Gunslinger ••• Iron Stamina ••• Strong Back • Barfly •


Health 7 Initiative 6 + 2 Size 5 Speed 11 Willpower 6 Defense 2 Morality 7


Cynthia took everything in the divorce. His kids, his house, his car, his money, and you might as well add his job and his sobriety to the list. Show up to court in a weepy, drunken melancholy, and suddenly she gets it all and James gets minimal custody, holiday visits only. With his last paycheck from the construction company and a few sympathy dollars from his former coworkers, James managed to solve both his transportation and shelter problem in one shot in the form of a beat up old pickup with a camper cab on the back. It was constantly on the verge of breaking down, but James was handy with cars and could probably keep it running. The camper cab certainly wouldn’t be glamorous, but it would keep him off friends’ couches.

And just when he thought his depression was peaking and he couldn’t get any lower, he found out the house was for sale and she was taking the kids back to California to live closer to her mother. She seemed to think she was generous to let him see them off at the airport; James still cries when he remembers watching her carry little Mary and lead Tim away by the hand, both of them looking back and wondering why daddy wasn’t coming with them.

After one night with a whiskey bottle, James came to a conclusion. He had never given up before, no matter how bad things got, and now wasn’t the time to start. Just because she decided he couldn’t live with his kids, it didn’t mean he couldn’t live close. Charleston, South Carolina, to Santa Barbara, California: it was only two days’ drive, but he’d have to stop here and there to earn some money for gas through odd jobs, so it might take him more like two weeks. Even so, he’d get there eventually, hopefully in time for Tim’s 9th birthday.

6 days into his trip while leaving Huston, Texas, he noticed the temperature needle on the dashboard was getting a little high. Pulling over at a truck stop, he confirmed what he had suspected: the fucking radiator. Even if he did the work himself, that would be a couple hundred bucks he didn’t have. Half a pack of cigarettes and a few desperate phone calls and frustrated curse words later, he pulled the road map out of the glove box and traced his route with a finger, stopping on San Clemente. He knew someone in San Clemente and the radiator would hold out that far at least (he hoped). He stubbed out his cigarette, started the truck, and hit the road.

James O'Connor

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