Dolores Smith


Dolores is the head of the Keep San Clemente Safe committee, and by all accounts a rather unpleasant person. She objects to any further development of the town and spends most of her time and money fighting against the expansion.
Neighbors and friends respect Dolores for her tenacity and ideals, but few have nice things to say about her. They feel she fights a losing battle and should cut her losses before she alienates even more of the town.

Dolores isn’t a bad person, not completely. She genuinely wants the best for San Clemente and (especially) her children. Her fight against the town’s development has left her frustrated and desperate for a solution, especially as money gets tight and time grows short.

Dolores is a woman in her early 30s, a soccer mom through and through. She smiles most when she’s angry, and these days she smiles a lot. Her van is covered in Keep San Clemente Safe bumper stickers.

Dolores Smith

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