Miguel Caicedo

Local legend


Most people in San Clemente know Miguel’s story. A few even claim to see him now and then, always sitting quietly on the library stairs. Waiting. Looking through the crowds and waiting.
Miguel’s great-grandfather was an important part of San Clemente’s history. The man helped build the town’s first hospital, lent money to new residents, gave back to his community without complaint. This altruistic streak ran in the family, and Miguel was determined to continue in his footsteps. He studied hard, played football, organized charity work, grew up and got married to a wonderful girl. His dream was to finish repairs on the San Clemente Public Library, a building especially dear to his father.
At the age of 25, he and his wife Rosa decided it was finally time to have a baby. The library construction was nearly complete and Miguel felt he’d earned a little rest.

The day of the library’s grand reopening, Miguel arrived early. He was excited; partly for the library, but more for his wife’s return from the doctor. He sat on the library’s steps and thought about names for his son (and it would have to be a son, though he wouldn’t be too disappointed with a daughter, not after a while). And that’s when Miguel Caicedo died.

Miguel now haunts the stairs outside the library’s main entrance, waiting for a ceremony and wife that will never come. No one seems to know exactly how Miguel died, or what happened to his body. Rosa is nowhere to be found. Her mother refuses to discuss the subject.
Over the last fourteen years, San Clemente teenagers have tried to sneak into the library at night to see if Miguel really does appear. And while nobody has ever been injured or attacked by Miguel’s ghost, the spirit grows increasingly impatient. He won’t wait much longer.

Miguel Caicedo

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